From your 7K back office “Icon Page” (Use your username and password to log in to, select “My Accounts”

1) Click on “Profile”

   a) Review each section for accuracy

   b) Verify Phone

        i) click on “edit”,

        ii) check the □ to add phone number to footer of website

        iii) a code will be sent to your phone,

        iv) enter the code into the computer area to verify the phone number

   c) Verify e-mail

        i) click on “edit”

        ii) check the □ to add e-mail to footer of website

   d) Under Associate Agreement, click on AGREE

        i) check the □ to agree

        ii) enter your tax ID (only numbers, no dashes)

   e) Go to KYC compliance and follow directions for copying your driver’s license front and back and complete the facial

        recognition (this is a banking requirement for “Know Your Customer” – KYC)

2) Return to “Icon Page” or back office

3) Select “Sound Money Wallet” (See Video Instructions at

   a) Download Google Authenticator from the Ap store on your cell phone

   b) Follow the directions (if you need help, watch the “How to set up your Sound Money Wallet” video on ) Go to “set up” tab and scroll down to the video. Hint: do not use autofill feature to

        complete information requested

        i) Verify bank account

        ii) Fund Sound Money Wallet by transferring funds from your bank to your Sound Money Wallet

   4) Return to “Icon Page” or back office

   5) Select “Autosaver “

        a) Choose the Autosaver of your choice

        b) Use the drop-down arrow to select the day of the month for your Autosaver coin to ship

        c) You can add more coins

        d) If you want to change the coin or the ship date, use the delete button to remove current selection and then ADD the

        new selection

   More Tools to help you share the 7k opportunity:

   1) Remember to record your Username: ____________________ Password_________________

   2) Enrollment Date: ____________________ 90 Days to Silver Date: ________________

   3) Download Google Authenticator App on cell phone

   4) Find and Download 7k Wealth System App on cell phone

   5) Find and Download 7k Advantage App on cell phone

   Helpful WEBSITES, training zooms and phone numbers: (note the time zones)

   1) – our website with resource drop-down menu, events calendar and links

   2) (this site is a good training site for members)

   3) Every day, M-F, 10 am Central time, join a 1-hour leadership zoom at

   4) Every Thursday evening, 5:30 pm Pacific time, join our zoom training at

   5) Every Monday at 8:00 p.m. Mountain time join 7K Corporate call

   6) Go to

   7) 7k Customer Service: Phone: 208-314-2587 (Open 8AM -5PM MST)

   8) Contact information to your sponsor: phone_____________________ email_________________________

   9) Contact information for leadership 3-way calls Nancy Sutherland 949-322-5306, ______________________