WELCOME to 7k metals, designed to protect you against inflation and to help you create wealth! You
are a member of a growing community of people dedicated to helping one another become more
financially informed and empowered.
7K and your Patriot Silver Team offer you many resources. In fact, so many that sometimes it can
get a little overwhelming at first to remember where to go for what??? So, here’s a consolidated list
of apps, websites, & hints for you to help maximize your membership and to share with your teams.
For all new members, this guide will help you get set up and start on your way. If you have questions
or get a little confused on anything, please reach out to the person who enrolled you or any one of
the team leaders listed at the end, We are all here to help you enjoy and succeed with 7K.
Don’t try to absorb everything at once. Remember this is a reference guide, a tool to help you learn and to
locate reference material. Relax, enjoy and let’s build this community together.

Here are many of the helpful guides and resources on the different sites available to you:
Watch the interview with 7K CEO, Jayson Arfmann. Watch the 18 minute Wealth Strategies video for a good
overview of 7K. Scroll to the bar with the drop down “Resources” tab and explore what’s been posted for you
there. It is frequently updated so check back often.
Check out this site from Curtis Harland, our team’s top Gold Associate. There are many tutorials, recorded
leadership zooms from the daily M-F Coffee With Curtis and a wealth of other information
This is the master 7K website address. By adding “/” and your “user name” (for instance
www.7kmetals/username), you will open your own personal website which you can also use to share with
friends and allow them to enroll or shop at your e-commerce product store. In your back office there are tabs

“PRODUCTS”, select to purchase collectible coins, jewelry, dealer direct bullion, sales tools and
“GET STARTED”, select to personally enroll a new member onto your team
“FAQs”, open to read many frequently asked questions and answers
“MY ACCOUNT”, select to return to your desktop with icons that will open the many specific
features of your website (MY ACCOUNT tab is not available for visitors to your site)
“LOG IN or OUT”, select to log into your account (logout if you are switching to any other member site)
When you select “MY ACCOUNT” you will see many icons. Click on each one to see the features.
● Dashboard
● Profile (Note -all new members – go to your PROFILE first and follow ✮ instructions below) –
Your PROFILE lists all your personal information
★ Open your Profile –
★ Scroll through all the information to verify it is correct, edit if necessary
★ Click on AGREE to sign your associate agreement, check the box to agree and then enter
your tax ID (SS# or EIN#) NOTE: You can’t have commissions released until this is

● Sound Money Wallet– make sure your SMW is set up so you can fund it, receive commissions,
transfer, and purchase metals, monitor your cash, silver and gold balances
New member instruction: (helpful link to setting up your sound money wallet and how to
use it are found here:) If you need extra help, call customer service or your sponsor.

7k Advantage* (on your dashboard)
*available only to members who purchase their monthly autosavers
This member benefit is accessed through your dashboard. Your 7K Advantage member ID is displayed under “7k
advantage”, and used to set up your account on your mobile phone. If you use this benefit, you could save more
than the cost of your monthly autosaver. Check out the more than 800,000 vendor discounts available.
Stack-n-sell (on your dashboard) From your dashboard under Stack-n-sell, select:
The site is self explanatory. Take time to see all the features of stacking, appraising, selling, or buying
your beautiful numismatic coins. You can also access this feature on your website at:

7k Exclusives on Facebook!
Join the 7k metals official Facebook group. Talk to other members about coins and related issues.

7K Today
7k Today is your blog for news and Info on 7k Metals.

For 7k Metal’s founders information and reports, latest news, gold and silver market updates, business
advice and company reports. See all the information on each coin collection. Explore the member
benefits tab for updated information on each benefit of your membership.

You will receive Text reminders and instructions for coin drops. (go to 7K Today to learn about coin drops)

7K Health Care
Locate “healthcare” under your “Links” icon on your dashboard or go to:
7k metals offers affordable healthcare insurance to members and non members who are part of ”7K group
plans”. Information also on the 7KToday Member Benefits tab
Pet care hotline & virtual care plan (Telebark) available, flat rate $49 for all your pets
7k health: (888) 211-1734….. 8:30-5:30 MST M-F

COFFEE WITH CURTIS, live leadership zoom 8:00 a.m (PST) M-F -topics differ every morning plus
time for Q&A . Perfect for new as well as established members. Highly recommended for those
building their 7K teams.

7k Metals CEO , Jason Arfmann, and marketing director, Blake Davis, personally conduct these calls covering
new developments and recognizing all newly ranked members. Every member receives an invitation to this call;
click on your weekly 7k email invite. (calendars on both and also list link
to the Corporate call)

TEAM PATRIOT SILVER 7K TRAINING ZOOM every Tuesday Evening at 6:30 pm Pacific time. We
will cover a multitude of topics, with special guests, new announcements etc. Live Q&A with Dave,
Nancy and our hostess, Annette Esplin.

7k Wealth System App. for your phone. This is a Share Tool (12 mo.for Premium members, 3months for
standard). The app guides you through simple steps to get started using the app. Excellent customer
management tool to enter and follow up with your prospects, send them videos and know when they’ve
viewed the information you send.

Google Authenticator: (download app on cell phone) for setting up Sound Money Wallet

Working on your own personal development will help build your confidence and promote growth. The site has many of these as free audio books for you. Scroll through them and listen
to them at your leisure. Here are some favorite suggestions:

● 7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness by Jim Rohn
● GO PRO by ERIC WORRE: available on audio on – audio books. Why do it
half heartedly! Be a Pro. He explains network marketing is something to be proud of and
has many advantages over other careers. His methods work!
● AMERICAN SILVER EAGLES 4th Edition by John Mercanti. Go-to book about American
Silver Eagles and signed by 7K’s own Miles Standish. Available on the 7K products page
● FAKE or Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kyosaki The “daddy” of building wealth with precious metals
● 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE, by Stephen Covey, a great lesson in time
management. Do you ever wonder why busy people get so much done? Learn to put “the big rocks in
first” through the 4 quadrants of time management.

Order Wealth Strategies Booklet from your 7k metals website under “products, sales tools”.

Order Affordable Pre-designed 7k business cards with your photo & QR code by Rob Suede (702)
978-2000 – text or call to order

For a 3 way call:
Three way calls are key to helping you share with a new prospect. You may or may not be an “expert” in
7K, but either way, using third party affirmation has proven successful to many 7K leaders, no matter
their expertise. Using this helps new prospects affirm the decision to join or helps in answering those
“questions”. It takes the focus off you and puts it on 7K, takes the pressure off you trying to learn
“everything”, and it becomes duplicatible in the eyes of the prospect because you are teaching that all
they have to know is: enough to pique someone’s attention and the phone number of a leader!

1. Learn how to do a 3 way call on your cell
2. Contact the leader in advance to determine their availability. Be mindful of their time and if you
have to cancel or reschedule, please let them know.
3. Introduce your prospect to a few 7K basics (pique their interest and determine their interest level,
show them a video) before the 3 way so it’s not a “cold” call for the leader. It’s not their job to
prospect the person for you.
4. Once on the line, introduce the parties and edify the leader to your prospect ( the leader will edify
you to your prospect as well)
5. Once you have introduced the parties, it’s your job to be quiet and listen. Don’t interrupt or ask
questions. Let the expert be the expert. You are doing your job listening as the on the job trainee.
6. Thank the leader and if he/she helped you close the prospective member, go directly to your Get
Started tab and enroll them. Pro tip:Talk to a leader or your sponsor as soon as possible to help
you place your new member on your right or left team. Must be placed within 36 hours or before
Saturday midnight MST.

Leaders contact info: (willing to do 3-way calls)
Nancy Sutherland (949) 322-5306 (PST), primary contact for Patriot Silver, 7k Gold Associate
Curtis Harland (660) 349-9279 (CST) extraordinary mentor 7K Gold Assoc. and top Income earner
Marcella Crandall (916)839-9473 (PST Executive Dir. of Strategic Affairs for David Straight, 7K Bronze Associate
Rob Suede (702) 978-2000 (PST) 7K Bronze Associate
Annette Esplin (949) 632-4562 (PST)

Corporate Contact: Email Customer service: (208) 314-2587