Welcome to our 7k Metals team, Patriot Silver

Congratulations on your decision to become a Member!

“The commission on your new 7K membership will help support the staff and our programs and we want to thank you personally for your contribution. However, this membership is also an opportunity for you to protect and grow your own wealth and we are committed to helping you do just that. Here are the first steps to get you started.”
– Dave

Step 1: open your 7k website, www.7kmetals.com. Log into your site with your username and password given to you at your enrollment.

Step 2: locate the “Profile” icon and click on it. Your Profile lists, your name, address, phone, website, etc.
   1. Locate each section and verify it for correctness. If there are any changes to be made, edit them.
   2. Verify your phone number
   3. Locate the member agreement, click “agree”, then click the small check box for member
agreement and enter your tax ID information , accept changes

Step 3: Return to the icon page and locate the Sound Money Wallet icon, click on it to set up your Wallet
For instructions on how to set up your Sound Money Wallet, go to https://www.patriotsilver.gold or https://www.maconadifference.com and click on Set Up.
   a. Watch the instructions on how to set up and how to fund your SMW
   b. Review the SMW graphic for information on use of your wallet
   c. If you are having any difficulty with the set up or funding of your SMW, call your sponsor or call
Customer support at (208) 314-2587, ask for Kerrie and she will help you with the set up

Step 4: Write down your goals with 7k even if you only want to protect your hard earned assets and convert them to gold and silver. If you plan to share the business and earn commissions, write down WHY. It’s not to earn money, it’s about the power or freedom that extra money will provide you. Be specific in your “WHY” and give it a time frame. Also, if you rank up to the Silver level in less than 90 days, you can earn a free 100 oz Silver Bar! Ask your sponsor for information on how.

Step 5: If you want to share this program and start earning extra income, make a list of 10 to 20 people you want to help and to share this program with them. Talk to your sponsor about each one on the list and have your sponsor help you sort the list, prioritize it and discuss tips on how to share the 7K message.
   a. Plan 3-way calls with your sponsor or a leader of the team to help you explain what 7K is all
   about (you won’t be expected to know everything yet, so utilize a third party “expert” to help you
share the information with your friends/loved ones).

   b. Focus on getting just your first two members, then help them get their two. This is how your
team will grow and build, simply by helping your new members do exactly what you did, enroll
two people.

Step 6: Go to the training section on your 7K Website and complete the Buyers Certification and the Collectors Certification and the other training modules available. Use the experience of your sponsor to help you learn.

Step 7: Have Fun! This is a wonderful way to help your friends and acquaintances protect their assets. Remember, you aren’t selling anything, you are sharing information to help them do just what you did to protect your assets. Make it fun and lock arms to help others protect their assets too.

Phone numbers of leaders:
Nancy Sutherland (949) 322-5306, Curtis Harland (660) 349-9279,
Annette Esplin (949) 632-4562, Rob Suede (702) 900-4847

*NOTE (please text leaders first to determine availability)

make sure you watch these 3 short videos below

Setting Up Your

Setting Up Your
Associate Agreement

Setting Up Your
Sound Money Wallet